Our daily lives are constantly filled with many struggles. These struggles sometimes pose a difficulty to whoever is facing them. There are many things that can be seen as examples of these struggles being talked about. Those who excel in these struggles do not just attain that height; they do that through a sincere and untiring effort. It is not just the case of bread and cheese; rather it is built on hard work.… Read more

SAINTS & HEROES Remembering Pope St. John Paul II A personal recollection of the drawing and converting power of Karol Wojtyla’s relationship with God BY LOUISE PERROTTA

What is it like to pray with a saint? I never expected to know. But as the banners went up in St. Peter’s Square calling for the speedy canonization of Karol Wojtyla [at his funeral in April 2005], my thoughts gratefully turned to a few occasions when I had the opportunity to pray in the presence of Pope John Paul II.… Read more

Declaration on Ecumenism Ottmaring, February 21, 2017

One of the main goals of the Focolare Movement is Christian unity. Chiara Lubich first engaged the Movement in ecumenical dialogue in 1961 in Germany. Since that time, through fostering a “dialogue of life”, there has been fruitful collaboration with more than 300 Churches and ecclesial communities. For almost 50 years in its Ecumenical Centre in Ottmaring (Germany) the Focolare Movement and the ‘Fraternity of Communitarian Life’ (Vereinigung vom Gemeinsamen Leben) have been bearing witness to the deep fellowship that unites Christians in the one Body of Christ, despite divisions still existing between the Churches.… Read more


The bishop of Klerksdorp diocese Bishop Victor Phalana was at St Paul’s Jouberton, a parish under the care of Fr Joseph Kyeyune, on Sunday October 15, 2017 to confirm some confirmation candidates. The candidates that were confirmed on that day were twenty two in number. The confirmation mass led by the Bishop started at 8:20am. In his homily, the Bishop charged the confirmation candidates to be ready for the task ahead and defend their faith when necessary.… Read more