Solitude and Loneliness

(By Bishop V. Phalana)

(Psalm 46:10; Mk 6:46-47, 46-47; Jn 16:32-33)

Lonely people are at times desperate, angry and passionate.
Their passion at times lacks compassion.
Lonely people want to fill their emptiness with anything, anywhere and anyhow.
Lonely people have no boundaries;
They use people and love things.
Lonely people are not in control,
They lack objectivity and cannot see things as they are.
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Our Christian Vocation and a Religious Vocation

(By Bishop Victor Phalana)

A religious vocation is always seen as the initiative of God and the generous response of the one who is called. As early as the age of 12 a person may feel an inclination towards a religious calling. This can be the result of a spiritual experience (a retreat, a sermon, vocation camp, etc.), a religious event (religious profession, ordination, etc), a song or a prayer, which might stir certain emotions towards religious life.… Read more


Bishop Phalana C of A


It is by God’s grace that I, the least among my brethren in everything, have been called to the see of Klerksdorp. It is a humbling experience. Thank you for receiving with such love and enthusiasm. You have no idea how scared I was before I came here. Your hospitality made me at home and your participation at my episcopal ordination convinced me that I am at home!… Read more

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