Books available at the Chancery

Motlotlo ho ba mokatolike (Sotho) R50.00
Modimo o buwa le bana ba one R20.00
The new African bible R400.00
ORDO R100.00
Benedict Daswa Novena prayer R10.00
Year C missale (Tswana) R90.00
Teacher’s guide (confirmation) R120.00
Confirmation Book (learner’s manual) R50.00
Cycle 1 Book 1 R20.00
Cycle 1 Book 2 R20.00
Cycle 1 Book 3 R20.00
Cycle 2 Book 1 R20.00
Cycle 2 Book 2 R20.00
Cycle 2 Book 3 R20.00
Cycle 3 Book 1 R20.00
Cycle 3 Book 2 R20.00
Cycle 3 Book 3 R20.00
Family Life Desk Year planner R10.00
Diocesan calendar R20.00
Family Matters books R20.00
Diocesan sticker R10.00
A quest for a African Christian spirituality DVD R150.00
Episcopal ordination of Bishop Victor Hlolo Phalana DVD R150.00
Sunday celebrations in the absence of a priest R200.00
Tirelo fa mopriesta a se teng (copies in Tswana) R15.00
Passion reading for palm Sunday & Good Fiday (English) R70.00
Thapelo ya ho kopa dithuso (Benedict Tshimangadzo Samuel Daswa) R2.00
A compendium of healing prayer and rituals Book 2 R50.00
Baptism certificates (pack of 50) R65.00
Inter-Diocesan consultation R50.00
Youth constitution and Prayers R50.00
A compendium Healing Prayers & Rituals for Priests & Deacons Book 1 R100.00