Becoming an ‘E’ Diocese

My Vision and Prayer for the Diocese of Klerksdorp

Two years ago I was in Rome at a special seminar for bishops. During that seminar I got an inspiration to lead our diocese to become an “E” diocese. During the Mass of the 200 years of Catholicism in South Africa and the 40 years since we became a diocese, I requested all of us to be part of turning this diocese into an ”E” Diocese.… Read more

Renew Africa, April 2019

To all Clergy, Sisters and lay leaders

Renew Africa

I would like to acknowledge your efforts in encouraging your parishes to be part of Renew Africa. Please read my previous Pastoral Letter dated 01 March 2019, where I once more explained what Renew Africa is. Your parish should be doing season 1, Book 1. On the 30th of June we will be launching Renew Africa, Season 2 Book2.… Read more


1 March 2019

Dear People of God

Laudetur Iesus Christus (Latin for “Praised be Jesus Christ”)
“in saecula saeculorum! Amen” (Latin for “Now and forever! Amen”)
A go bakwe Jesu Kriste, Jaanong le ka bosena bokhutlo, amen.

  1. LENT:

What is Lent? Above all else, Lent is the season for the experience of giving your life over — in each moment, bodily, deliberately — to Christ and to what the Spirit is showing you.… Read more


Pastoral Visit 03 March 2019 08:00 Bloemhof
Preparatory Meeting for Police day 04 March 2019 17:00 Cathedral
Bishop’s Retreat 04-11 March 2019
General meeting of Parents
St. peter’s Crèche Ledibeng
16 March 14h00 St Peter
Ecumenical meeting of priests and pastors R100 per person
Our Structure and Leadership
Elections of South Africa
Partnership with the police
21 March 2019 10:00 Rabbuni
Police Day Mass 17 March 2019 09:00 (Procession) Cathedral
Diocesan Finance Meeting
19 March 2019 14:30
Chancery office
Mass (Fr.
Read more


18 October 2018

Dear Priests, Deacons and People of God,
I have just come back from the pilgrimages with renewed energy to serve you in this diocese with joy. Thank you for your prayers.

Those who have been discerning their vocations may apply with immediate effect so that we can meet the registration deadline with St. Francis Xavier, Orientation Seminary, Cape Town.… Read more