Permanent Diaconate Ordination in the Diocese of Klerksdorp

The 16th of December 2020 marks another day of growth in the Catholic Diocese of Klerksdorp as one of the faithful is raised to the order of Permanent Diaconate. A medical doctor by profession, Dr. Kiewiet Vlok on this day accepts to serve in this ministry. Join us at 10:00am South African time for this special occasion presided over by the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Klerksdorp.… Read more

Meetings / Appointments Schedule March – June 2019


Pastoral Visit 03 March 2019 08:00 Bloemhof
Preparatory Meeting for Police day 04 March 2019 17:00 Cathedral
Bishop’s Retreat 04-11 March 2019

General meeting of Parents
St. peter’s Crèche Ledibeng
16 March 14h00 St Peter
Ecumenical meeting of priests and pastors R100 per person
Our Structure and Leadership
Elections of South Africa
Partnership with the police
21 March 2019 10:00 Rabbuni
Police Day Mass 17 March 2019 09:00 (Procession) Cathedral
Diocesan Finance Meeting
19 March 2019 14:30
Chancery office

20 March 2019 09:30 Rabbuni
Sodalities Forum
23 March 2019 9:30- 13:00 Rabbuni Centre
R100 per person
Pastoral Visit 24 March 2019
Consultors meeting 26 March 2019 09:30-13:00 Rabbuni Centre
Fundraising Committee 26 March 2019 18:00 Chancery
Presbyteral Council 27 March 2019 09:30 Rabbuni
Diocesan Pastoral Council 30 March 2019 09:30-13:00 Rabbuni Centre
Installation of Parish Priest 31 March 2019 08:00 Calvary
Lenten Recollection
Clergy and seminarians Fr.
Read more

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