Covid Restrictions Lifted

July 28, 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the State have been lifted.

  1. I wish to announce that, for the Diocese of Klerksdorp, the mandatory wearing of face masks indoors has be lifted. Those who still wish to wear their masks in church must be respected.
  2. You are not compelled to sanitize, sanitization is optional.
  3. There is no longer a restriction on the number of those who attend our Liturgical Services.
  4. The clergy are allowed to share the chalice.
  5. You may also give the chalice to the newly confirmed and to a couple at their wedding.
  6. People may now share the Sign of Peace.
  7. Priests may lay hands on people, for example the sick or Confirmation Candidates. (You can sanitize before and after the laying on of hands.
  8. Out of caution, the presider can wear a mask during the Eucharistic Prayer. The presider can sanitize his hands before offertory. Those who distribute Holy Communion can wear masks during this time.
  9. Let us always be prudent. The virus is still with us. The infection rate has gone down. Deaths, as a result of COVID are less than the year before. We thank God for this. Let us enjoy the freedom from mandatory masks and restrictions, with a sense of responsibility.
  10. Those who show signs of cold, flu or influenza are still advised to stay at home until they have recovered, just for in case they are contagious.
  11. Thank you for vaccinating. Please respond positively when you are invited to get your booster.
  12. Let us continue to support those who lost loved ones during this time of COVID. Let the clergy take care of their own mental health and find creative ways of caring for the mental, spiritual and physical wellness of their flocks.

All we can say is: THANK YOU LORD for our own survival and for bringing us into this ‘New Normal’.
Thank you for those you used to minister to us during the pandemic.
Thank you for those who were instruments of peace and hope in the midst of a dark night.
Thank for Your Presence among us in the storm of COVID 19.
You removed our fears and comforted us in our grief.
O a tshepahala Modimo.
Continue to protect us and to sustain us.
We are nothing without you.

Yours faithfully…


Bishop V. Phalana