Renew Africa, April 2019

To all Clergy, Sisters and lay leaders

Renew Africa

I would like to acknowledge your efforts in encouraging your parishes to be part of Renew Africa. Please read my previous Pastoral Letter dated 01 March 2019, where I once more explained what Renew Africa is. Your parish should be doing season 1, Book 1. On the 30th of June we will be launching Renew Africa, Season 2 Book2. Healing the body of Christ. This will include training healing ministry teams of the parish and getting you and your parish healing team doing a healing service during that season.

Before we go to season 2, please make sure that they get to know Jesus in Season 1. The themes are wonderful. Let them encounter Jesus the Bread of Life, Jesus the Word, Jesus the healer etc. People must buy Renew Books and use them when they do Faith Sharing in the Small Christian Community. Our Renew Team – The Diocesan Core Community is ready to come and introduce Renew in your parish and show your facilitators how to use the book. They must follow steps of faith sharing as they are outlined in the Books. Please talk about Renew in the PPC meetings. Talk about Renew in your homily. Let the Season be a powerful experience of Encountering Christ in a new way, in a personal way and in an intimate way. Season 1, Book 1 has changed many lives. People have testimonies of this wonderful encounter. Do not deny your people this experience.

Make sure you have a Renew Core Community. It can be a team of 3-5 people. They animate Renew in the parish and ensure that Faith Sharing takes place in the SCC’s. In parishes where there are no SCC’s, form Small Faith Sharing Groups with a co-ordinator. They must be committed, prayerful and open to the Holy Spirit. They can choose where and when to meet. The session are normally 1 hour. They must meet weekly to share, to pray to discern and to live the Word. The PPC must monitor all Faith Sharing Groups.

Let the people spend time sharing and they must also listen. Don’t preach and do not dominate. Give others and chance. Use the Bible. Take time to reflect and to pray. Put into action what you read. I want to see the Diocesan Core Community on Fire. Be committed, implement, train and pray for the success of Renew Africa. Our core- communities must attend meetings and workshops. Look after the Renew Tree. It must not die. Keep the banner visible. Do the prayer of Renew Africa every Sunday either at the end of intercessions or at the end of the Mass. Make copies of the Renew prayer for everyone. Read more the Pastoral letter, as it explains everything about Renew Africa. Invites the DCC to your parish. Buy Renew T-shirts. Make your parish a Renew Africa parish and be proud.

+Bishop V. Phalana