Celebrating Bible Sunday: 26 August 2018

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Bible Sunday 2018 pdf

The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of His being, sustaining all things by His powerful Word’ (Heb l: 3 NIV)

Bible Sunday is a reminder of the call of the Church to make the Holy Bible the centre and the source of our spirituality. Take time to read the Bible – the Word of God – for it can be compared to
listening to a Symphony being played out by the God of all that is created – a single Word is expressed in many ways: in Jesus Christ, in Creation, in Sacred Scripture, in the Eucharist.
The Bible contains the divine answer to the deepest needs of humanity, sheds unique light on our path in a dark world, and sets forth the way to our eternal well-being. Within its pages we
find the inspiration, direction, and guidance for all that exists, and the history of humanity and the world.

Pope Francis continues to encourage us to venerate, read, listen to, proclaim, preach, study and spread the Word of God. As we spend time reading, contemplating and meditating on the Word of God we are led to a fuller and more abundant life, where God reveals himself to us in different ways, is a constant presence in our lives and invites us to have a personal relationship with him. As the body needs physical nourishment, so does the soul yearn for thespiritual sustenance that comes from the Word of God. ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. ‘ (Mat 4:4 NIV)

As the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference endorses the celebration of Bible Sunday on 26 August 2018, we pray that the Holy Bible may enrich our lives with God’s
presence and his Word, and reveal to us a deeper understanding of God’s love, mercy and compassion which we can take to the world around us.

Sincerely in Christ
+ Archbishop Stephen Brislin





The attached Bible Sunday 2018 pdf contains further messages from the Holy Father, Bible Society SA, the Catholic Bible Foundation, Bishop Graham Rose and Bishop Vincent Mduduzi Zungu along with suggestions for celebrating Bible Study and for putting the Word at the centre of our lives.

Since 2004, the Catholic Church in Southern Africa has celebrated Bible Sunday on the last Sunday of every August and Bible Week a week before.

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